Brand new

M-8 Eagle

Cargo drone

Our Cargo Dron based on UL/LSA 600 kg MTOM airplane M-8 EAGLE.


Your airplane supplier since 1935

The Company ORLIČAN Ltd. stands on the tradition of a small aircraft production in Czech Republic. The original company was founded by Ing. Beneš and Ing. Mráz in 1935. The factory was later nationalized by the government and since 1955 it has been known as “Orličan national company”. In the nineties, after the Velvet revolution and the collapse of the national company, a new company Schempp-Hirth Ltd. aircraft manufacturing. was reborn and established from the Orličan´s air division. That happened in collaboration and support of the famous German aircraft manufacturer Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH. This transition was done semlessly without interruption to any production program. The manufacturing of all-composite gliders is still current today.

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