Orličan – Your airplane supplier since 1935

How it started

The Company ORLIČAN Ltd. stands on the tradition of a small aircraft production in Czech Republic. The original company was founded by Ing. Beneš and Ing. Mráz in 1935. The factory was later nationalized by the government and since 1955 it has been known as Orličan national company. In the nineties, after the Velvet revolution and the collapse of the national company, a new company Schempp-Hirth Ltd. aircraft manufacturing was reborn and established from the Orličan’s air division. That happened in collaboration and support of the famous German aircraft manufacturer Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH. This transition was done seamlessly without interruption to any production program. The manufacturing of all-composite gliders is still current today.


TORLIČAN Ltd. was re-established in the autumn of 2014, with the sole support of employees and customers of the original company. New strategies were adapted and many things have changed as generations come and go. But we are proud to return to the original name and also to the tradition of Mr Benes and Mr Mráz have established years back. Not only we pay high respect to this rich heritage but we are bearing the corresponding responsibility.


Long standing tradition is an obligation. It is our commitment to keep this tradition alive so our next generations can uphold it. I have respect to all of our predecessors that obliged to this tradition. Mostly I hold high regard to Mr. Mráz and his conceptualisation. He has said:

„I have despised all beaten paths and always searched for my own. I searched for my own path that nobody ever walked upon… “

Based on this philosophy he created this company. Aircrafts born under this roof, under this company’s name have earned world class renown fame and it is still in our DNA to carry on this long standing tradition, to continue what has been established many years ago.

Václav Bervid, CEO

Our Services

Certified airplane production

EASA Certificate CZ.21G.0060




  • Safe production – inspected by Digital robotic x-ray scanning
  • Certified TIG welding
  • Airplane assembling
  • Mold production
  • Airplane painting
  • Lamination

Research & Development

  • Static structural analysis
  • Multi-body simulation
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Passive safety of vehicles
  • Optimization
  • CFD and thermal analysis
  • Electromagnetics
  • Model preparation
  • Post-processing
  • Consultancy to atypical simulations
  • Customization

M-8 Eagle

Demo flight

Are you ready to take the flight with brand new M-8 Eagle?

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Pole je povinné
Pole je povinné