M-8 Eagle


Manufacturer Rotax
Model 912 – 914
Horsepower 80 hp – 115 hp


Empty weight 340–370 kg
Max. Take-off weight  600kg UL2/LSA
Min. crew weight 60 kg
Max. crew weight 200 kg
Max. luggage weight 15 kg


Takeoff 150 m / 490 ft
Climb Rate 4–5 m/s / 788-985 ft/min
Max. Operating Altitude 4267 m / 14000 ft
Stall Speed with Flaps (IAS) 70 km/h / 37,8 kt
Max. Cruise Speed (IAS) 227 km/h / 122,5 kt
Landing Groundroll 150 m /490 ft


Length 6,911 m
Height 2,719 m
Wing span 9,117 m
Wing area 10,804 m2
Horizontal tail width 2,800 m
Horizontal tail area 2,352 m2
Vertical tail area 1,005 m2
Cabin width 1,164 m

Airframe & Powerplant

  • Carbon fiber composite airframe with fixed landing gear
  • All terrain wheels and suspension
  • Single color (acrylic) paint in white or light color
  • Rotax 912 80 hp 4 cylinder liquid/air cooled integrated reduction gear
  • Push/button ignition system

Throttle control, Slipper clutch, Tubular steel engine mount, 4 rubber engine mounts, Carburetor brackets, Carburetor drip pans, Air and Oil filters, Oil and water coolers, Oil thermostat, Fireproof sleeves on the fuel lines, Three-blade ground-adjustable Woodcomp Propulse propeller, Carbon fiber blades, Propeller blade sleeves, Carbon fiber white propeller spinner…

Standard Avionics

  • Magnetic compass • Airspeed indicator • Altimeter
  • Vertical speed indicator • Slip/skid indicator • Pilot/static system
  • Engine RPM • Fuel and Oil pressure gauges • Hobbs hour meter
  • Low voltage warning LED • Position indicators – trim and flaps
  • Fuel meter for standard sensors
  • CHT gauge Engine coolant and oil temperature gauges
  • Inclinometer (Ball indicator)
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  • Radio ICOM IC 210 or other
  • Glass Cockpit Nesis III 8.4 with a touch display or other




Basic Functionality
  • Autogain and calibration for various types of flying vehicles (helicopters, airplanes, mutli-copters, airships)
  • Selfstabilisation
  • Independent navigation on satellites (GPS, Glonass)
  • Autonomous flight from start to land based on predefined flight plan
  • Automatic collision detection and avoidance
  • Runtime control and setup via LMA-Vision 4D unit
  • Smooth navigation based on prediction
Operational Parameters
  • Power Supply: 12.0–36.0 VDC
  • Power for servos: 12.0 or 28.0 VDC
  • Power Consumption: Max. 200 mA on 28 VDC
  • Consumption of 1 servo: Max. 3000 mA on 12 VDC
  • Communication Interface (choose from):
    USB, RS232, RS485, CAN-BUS, ARINC 429
  • Temperature range: -40ºC to 85ºC
  • G-Force +/- 100 g
  • Vibrations: 1 to 300 Hz
  • LM-AHRS-X30
  • LM-GPS/Glonass
  • LM-ILS
  • LM-VOR
  • LM-EngineUnit
  • LM-Vision4D
Feature LMA DJI
Dependance on satellite navigation no yes
Optical hovering sensor no yes
Lidar yes no
Safe return to home via same path yes no
Weight limit no yes
Autocalibration autogain yes no
Fixwings yes no
Helicopters yes no
Multicopters yes no
Self stabilisation yes no
Automated flight from takeoff to land yes Yes/on condition
Smooth navigation based on prediction yes no


• 100 liters capacity in total
• Engine driven fuel pump
• Fuel sampling quick drain
• Four position fuel selector
• Andair


• Dual Flight controls
• Central control console with Throttle and Brake levers choke etc.
• Electric elevator trim control – with indicator
• Electric flaps – with indicator


• 12 volt 8 amp battery
• Switches, 2×12 volt sockets


  • Comfortable adjustable seats with 4-point safety harness for the pilot and co-pilot
  • Leather seats upholstery covers • Length and height adjustable seats • Head rests
  • Standard painted instrument panel – light grey
  • Anatomically shaped control yoke with PTT and Trim control
  • Footwall side wall finish in front runner • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Two-zone flap-controlled fresh air (cold) ventilation • Front anti-fog ventilator
  • Door lock system • Large luggage compartment with carpet • Roof panel for cabin interior
  • Full airframe ballistic recovery system


  • Gas springs – door opening and closing
  • Lockable doors on both sides
  • Steerable nose wheel
  • Aerodynamic carbon fiber wheel & strut covers
  • Tie down rings on both wings and fuselage rear
  • Tow bar for maneuvering on the ground


  • 2 years or 100 hour flying manufactures warranty within the EU
  • 1 year and 100 flying hours outside EU
  • Document supplied with aircraft – printed POH
  • Electronic AMM and illustrated spare parts catalogue
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M-8 Eagle

Demo flight

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